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In the dynamic world of trading, finding the right platform to hone your skills and turn your passion into profits is crucial.

The Whale Order,” a pioneering trading prop firm.
Offers a unique and straightforward approach to evaluation that sets it apart from the competition. With a focus on risk management and performance, The Whale Order provides traders with an opportunity to thrive. Let’s explore how this one-step evaluation process, coupled with its innovative account protection rules, propels traders toward success.

The One-Step Evaluation Process:

Unlike traditional evaluation processes that involve multiple phases.
The Whale Order simplifies the journey to becoming a funded trader with its one-step evaluation process. This streamlined approach eliminates unnecessary complexity, allowing traders to focus solely on their trading strategies and performance. Aspiring traders can skip the hassle of navigating multiple rounds of evaluation and move swiftly toward achieving their trading goals.

Account Protection Rules:

The success of traders is at the heart of The Whale Order’s ethos. To ensure traders can trade confidently and manage risk effectively, the firm has established three robust account protection rules:

  1. Daily Stop Rule:
    This rule acts as a safety net, preventing traders from suffering substantial losses in a single trading day. Once a trader’s losses for the day reach a predetermined limit, trading activity halts.
    Protecting the trader’s capital from further depletion.
  2. Trailing Drawdown Rule: Recognizing the importance of continuous risk management, The Whale Order implements the Trailing Drawdown Rule.
    This rule dynamically adjusts the maximum drawdown limit based on a trader’s peak capital.
    Preventing large losses from eroding profits and capital.
  3. Inactivity Period Rule: Staying engaged and active in the market is essential for success. To encourage consistent trading and prevent stagnation.
    Traders are required to open or close at least one trade within a 30-day period. This rule ensures that traders remain in touch with the market’s dynamics and capitalize on opportunities.
propfirm trading

propfirm trading

The Whale of Fame:

Success deserves recognition, and The Whale Order goes the extra mile to acknowledge and celebrate its traders’ achievements. Upon becoming funded traders, individuals secure a coveted spot on the “Whale of Fame.” This prestigious platform showcases the top-performing traders who have demonstrated their skill, discipline, and dedication to trading excellence. The Whale of Fame not only serves as a badge of honor but also inspires other traders to strive for greatness.

propfirm trading


The Whale Order’s single-step evaluation process and commitment to risk management make it an attractive proposition for traders looking to excel in the trading world. By simplifying the evaluation journey and offering stringent account protection rules, the firm provides a solid foundation for traders to grow and succeed. The inclusion of the “Whale of Fame” further underscores the value of trading with The Whale Order, offering not just financial rewards but also recognition within the trading community. If you’re seeking a prop firm that values your potential and prioritizes your success, The Whale Order might just be the perfect fit.

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