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The Whale Order was born from a vision to empower traders like never before.

I’ve been trading for many years now, and along the way, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge and experience. I realized that there were many traders out there who could benefit from the strategies and techniques I’ve learned over time. So, I started sharing what I know with others in the trading community. When I was introduced to order flow trading, it helped me even more in my trading skills. And that’s when I decided to teach people about trading with order flow tools through “The Whale Order.” It’s been a great journey, and I’m thrilled to see how traders have been able to enhance their trading skills with this approach.

As my community grew, I realized that many of my followers were talented traders themselves, but they lacked the resources and opportunities to trade with larger capital. That’s when the idea of starting a prop firm came to me. The Whale Order aims to provide these talented traders with the necessary tools, capital, and support to take their trading to the next level.

Traders at The Whale Order will receive a range of benefits. Firstly, they’ll have access to our proprietary trading capital, allowing them to trade with more significant positions and potentially increase their profits. We aim to create an environment where traders can continually learn, grow, and improve their skills.


– The symbol of a whale holds profound meaning, resonating with various aspects of life. In nature, whales are majestic creatures that command the depths of the ocean, embodying strength, grace, and intelligence. They traverse vast distances, symbolizing the journey of life with its ebbs and flows.

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