Whale Of Fame



Our Packages

1-Step Evaluation.

No Min/Max trading days

Daily Loss Limit 5%

Hold over weekend

10% Profit Target

Max Drawdown 6%

Leverage up to 1:20

Stoploss Required

Gains 75% and up to 90%

About us

Welcome to the whale order! With a rich history and extensive experience in the financial markets, we are excited to announce the launch of our very own proprietary trading firm. Our mission is to assist talented traders like yourself in obtaining the necessary funding to unleash your full potential and achieve your financial goals.

Having been active in the markets for many years, we understand the challenges faced by traders who aspire to grow their trading capital and take their skills to the next level. That’s why we have established this propfirm – to provide a supportive and professional environment where traders can thrive.



Why trade with us?

We offer a unique opportunity for traders to showcase their abilities and secure the funding they need to trade with larger capital.

Through our rigorous evaluation process, we assess traders based on their performance, risk management strategies, and consistency.

Once accepted into our program, traders gain access to our funding options, allowing them to trade with confidence and increased capital while keeping a share of the profits they generate.

Our propfirm provides comprehensive support to traders.
We are committed to helping our traders improve their skills, refine their strategies, and stay updated with the latest market trends, ensuring they have every advantage necessary to succeed.

Transparency, integrity, and a genuine passion for trading are the values that drive us. We take pride in our commitment to creating a supportive community of traders who share knowledge, inspire each other, and grow together. 

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